Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ratu Cinta

Code : Ratu Cinta
Length :4m
Type : English Cotton
 Colour : Floral prints in shade of purple and mauve on super light peach fabric.

 Cotton 24-7 says :-
As its name suggests, sesuaiiii untuk yang dilamun cinta. nampak sangat sweet, apatah lagi kalau uols ada plan nak pegi berkenalan dengan keluarga mertua this raya. Always remember, first impression last forever! 

Price : RM90
 Returning Customer : RM85
Price exclude postage fee. Postage fee will be advised

1. Please state the preferred fabric code via PM/Comments/SMS (012-2250025)/email to
2. The availability of the preferred fabric will be confirmed and payment amount will be informed.


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